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Stuntman Colt Seaver (Ryan Gosling) and his new girlfriend Jody (Emily Blunt) are working on a film starring Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). They have plans for a vacation once the film wraps, but when Colt has a serious accident on set, he shuts himself away from everyone.

Over a year later, when his back has finally healed, Tom's agent Gail Meyer (Hannah Waddingham) persuades Colt to join her in Australia, where she's producing Jody's first film, saying Jody specifically asked for him. Once there, he discovers that's not exactly the case, and that Gail has another reason for wanting him there. She begs him to find Tom, who has been missing from the set for several days, because if the superstar can't be found, it may ruin Jody's film.

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Emily Blunt, Teresa Palmer, Winston Duke, Stephanie Hsu
Studio:Universal Pictures
Producers: Ryan Gosling, Guymon Casady, Kelly McCormick, David Leitch
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