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Architect Dawson Gage (Jake Allyn) fell in love with London Quinn (Sarah Fisher) in high school, even though she told him not to. Ten years later, the two are still best friends when tragedy strikes. Now, the grieving Dawson is compelled to do one final act of love for London.

He learns that although London is the biological daughter of her parents Louise (Lynn Collins) and Larry (Scott Reeves), they had her through an IVF procedure and made two embryos. Because the birth was so difficult for Louise, they gave the other embryo away.

He launches an impossible search for her sibling. States away, Andi Allen (Sarah Fisher) has no idea she was adopted as an embryo. The news rocks her world and sends her into a spiral that culminates in her leaving home to meet her biological parents.

With one set of parents grieving the loss of a daughter, and the other set grieving the truth they never told, only Dawson can show Andi everything she missed about her sister. But neither of them imagined the attraction they'd feel for each other. Dawson realizes he needs to help Andi make her way back home, even though he's fallen in love with her.

Based on the popular novel by #1 New York Times Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury.

Cast: Lynn Collins, Sarah Fisher, Jake Allyn
Studio:Fathom Events
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